All rugged up

Grateful for:

  1. Spending almost the whole day at home.
  2. Wearing 2 jumpers and 2 jackets and staying super warm outside, even on a bicycle.
  3. Eating scrumptious food at our favorite vegetarian Sunshine cafe at the markets.
  4. Having cheese nan for dinner with lemon rose lassi. As already mentioned Indian food in Japan is much better than in India and here was another example.
  5. Excited about seeing Avatar movie soon.
  6. Reading lots of the Randomness book and learning lots of new ideas.
  7. Buying lavender and lemongrass at a fancy supermarket near the markets.
  8. Making lavender tea – it is simply divine.
  9. Applying for and getting entry permission into US.
  10. I am grateful for my ability to relax and enjoy life.