So this really didn’t turn out like anything special at all but I thought I would publish it just to give people ideas and show how my own ideas are born.
I saw these thinking they were pumpkin shoots but since they weren’t really hairy the might have been shut shut shoots after all. I recalled that locals make a salad with pumpkin shoots braised in coconut cream. So I tried to do the same here with some garlic added. I also had to add some water and I wish instead of simply chopping all of it up I would have discarded the lower fibrous stems. Lesson learned.
At the end of braising I added some of carpacio left form yesterday but any slices of meat will do and cook for another minute or two.
I also think the entire combo would have worked better as a stir fry without coconut cream.
But while eating my concoction it dawn on me that the tendrils and the top soft shoot parts are remarkably like noodles so I am now excited to try making a pad tai or some other noodle based dish with the remainder of the shoots. If you don’t see a recipe come up soon, then know that it was a disaster and don’t try it at home. Fingers crossed!