Coconut squirrel

Grateful for:

1. Sleeping in after a huge night out last night dancing, drinking and creating spectacles in local clubs. As my friend rightly said several times throughout the night – they should pay us for entertainment.

2. For the first time seeing “Australian” look. The clubs here are indeed dominated by Australians and I now know how to spot one. Funny that I needed to get out of Australia to get absence of what “Australian” means.

3. Making rice flour pancakes for breakfast that turn out like sweet papadams.

4. Having a neighbor over for breakfast.

5. Having a friend run errands and bring us our usual breakfast juices (2 each as usual, for $50c/glass its a sin not to have them).

6. Spending the rest of the day in a hammock. I think I could seriously live in one for the rest of my life.

7. Continuing my gnostic self-knowledge course with a book.

8. Shopping for household stuff – the joys of setting up a home.

9. Eating a late dinner at our new favorite local restaurant for $1 each. Good food, good prices and a nice mix of locals and expats just around the corner from home is a great find.

10. Shopping for veggies on the way home and getting laughed at again for buying a coconut for “just eating?!”. I was called a squirrel without them knowing how to say a squirrel with simple gestures and charade-like mimicking to everyone’s merriment.

11. Continuing my local pesto adventure by buying another local herb that the shop keeper highly recommend and a kilo of peanuts. My previous attempts with their most popular “spinach” type herb is interesting and not like any crazy pesto i’ve made before.

12. The eggplant is one of the cheapest vegetables here with 2 large ones going for 30c so it’s babaganush day for me every day.