Toes in Atlantic ocean

Grateful for:

  1. Seeing absolutely mesmerizing France countryside wake up with the first rays of the morning sun: rolling hills, sunflower fields, mist, castles in the forest on the hilltop. Everything purposefully kept rustic. It was so beautiful I am powerless to convey it.
  2. Touching Atlantic ocean waters for the first time. Very clear and fresh kind of ocean.
  3. Receiving a gratitude stone washed by Atlantic ocean as a gift. It is about time I replace the 2 stones I lost when I forgot my jacket on London train.
  4. Getting electricity after facing a prospect of living a week without it.
  5. Buying a huge tea sampler box. I love tea and I love variety so this should count as a double gratitude!
  6. Visiting a beach and walking up and down sand dunes – nice feeling on the feet and a great workout for the ankles.
  7. Having lots of cats in the area where I am staying. I have set an intention for a pet cat one way or another 2 days ago, just need to befriend one now or just admire them from afar.
  8. Cleaning the car today. Nice to be of service and do something in return for being chauffeured in style for the past couple of weeks.
  9. Seeing a huge camping ground with motor homes stuck close together like sardines. Population density higher than any city I know, begs the question, is that the purpose of having a motor home and the freedom of living anywhere associated with it? Also made me think that people probably can’t really go on holidays without people surrounding them, we are indeed herd animal species.
  10. I love the awareness I cultivate around how I treat my body with food.