Immersion in living

Grateful for:

  1. Reading a gratitude blog of a dear friend that I have inspired, which in turn inspired me to get back to my blogging. Lovely how it works.
  2. Feeling slightly jealous that my writing isn’t as poetic or inspired, but remembering that beauty is not in any particular style or thing, but in the infinite differences between them that create this grand kaleidoscope called life.
  3. Being super duper pleased to be mentioned in someone else’s gratitude blog, and not just once! A warm fuzzy feeling…
  4. Finding it odd that the blog is meant to record my crazy life, yet when it gets the most crazy and totally changes course I immerse myself in living it so much I have no time to blog about it. Just need to remember that large gaping holes in my blog signify substantial life changes and whirlwinds and not a lack of thereof.
  5. Being forever grateful to the Universe for always infallibly giving me what I need, not what I want. I would have never in a million years thought of it myself, thanks!
  6. Having a 300g steak today! Some meat is oh so good from time to time for a raw soul.
  7. Getting a free iPhone! Even though the glass is cracked  it is fully functional so now i can carry my language course and all my oracle and tarot card apps with me. It makes quite a nice portable electronic goodies bag even without the SIM card.
  8. Living rent free. And no, not just with somebody else who is paying rent, but totally rent free. Now there’s a paradigm shift.
  9. The Universe magically balancing my expenses to match my income as unexpected commitments emerge. This financial status quo still baffles me after studying the laws for so long.
  10. Laying down and looking up at the sky or trees 3 times today.
  11. Thank God for my latest spiritual experience, first time in my life all the revelation actually stay with me and totally change the way I view things, it is incredible.
  12. The weekend! Finally some time to catch up on a million outstanding emails and commit my latest saga(s) to writing.
  13. Setting the momentum for more blogging.
  14. Thanks to PortableApps! Now with a simple flash drive I can turn any PCs I come across into my PC. Here’s another point into my Freedom basket.
  15. Being where I am in my internal growth journey, I REALLY like it here.