Celebrating 200th public post!

Grateful for:

  1. This post is my 200th public post. Grateful for the persistence, inspiration and an abundance of awesome life experiences that made it all possible. Here’s to another 200 and then another and then who knows maybe I will write a book from it all one day.
  2. Reading French Psychologies magazine in French all day. My progress in language learning is amazing, loving it.
  3. Having an afternoon nap.
  4. Continuing doing a lot of nothing day after day. I think my coveted dream of slow days filled with a lot of being instead of doing has finally come true. I can not remember the last time I was so unbusy.
  5. Having bananas and chocolate covered strawberries for dinner. I love raw diet.
  6. Having a proper conversation in French today.
  7. Drinking lots of tea today, I need to up my tea intake and buy some more variety, it makes me really happy.
  8. Listening to the songs on my ipod. Since most of them I didn’t actually put their it is always a new and exciting musical exploration journey to turn it on.
  9. Being acutely aware of a lot of “shoulds” I have imposed on myself and striving to shed them one by one on a way to a simpler existence with less responsibilities (or stress related to not completing those self imposed “responsibilities”).
  10. I love how I take the time to think about things instead of acting and speaking on emotion of the moment, which tends to change as time goes on.