Quotes from Sacred Contracts

Although we feel physical and emotional pain, our spiritual purpose is to become aware of the reasons for such events – or to create meaning out of them. So a physical wound needs to be transformed into a spiritual passageway, converting the actual experience into its symbolic purpose.

See your life as a spiritual journey disguised as a physical experience. Your passion to live a meaningful life, your need to make peace with your conscience – these yearnings are all expressions of the soul speaking through your intuition, through your chakras of body and mind.

Obviously as soon as you think you’ve mastered yourself, you meet the people who are meant to to show you how far you have yet to go.

I want to make people feel good without having to have a reason. I just don’t see why being happy should be such hard work.

There are no “accidents of birth”, as the phrase goes; everything is provided for your particular journey, including the social, ethnic, and religious value systems of your family, which form the foundation of your consciousness and the lens through which you will first encounter life.

We are all under divine observation. Our motivations are under the looking glass, even more than our choices or actions themselves. With the three dimensions of perception, you can consciously work with your choices as a spiritual art form, aiming to transform them into gold.