Beach & Beer Day

Grateful for:

  1. Spending the whole day at the beach drinking beer with friends. What an absolutely awesome past time. I am proud to be Australian for this reason alone.
  2. Having 3 beers and not dying! Surprising enough after my 1 beer experiment totally knocked me out. Maybe the secret is to never stop at 1? Further experimentation is due…
  3. Picking up a girl, would make my seduction coach proud lol! 🙂 Not really, just gave her a compliment, and my friend took it from there but the result is still the same – she joined us for a day of engaging conversations.
  4. Practising asking without asking with success! I was given what I was after. Maybe it’s good I have this monumental block around just asking, it forces me to be creative about it.
  5. Going to my first witches meeting in the evening. One can find all sorts of things on! (*Grateful for! So many interesting meetings to go to!*)
  6. Hearing some incredible stories of other women.
  7. Having a tarot reading done for me for the first time in my life and OMG it is so spot on!!! All I can say is my life is filled with magic, it’s awesome, and the future is going to be a thousand times more awesome, can’t wait!
  8. Getting a hang of doubling a passenger. Makes me feel tough and a pro. Next step in my growth as a rider.
  9. Finally buying some hangers. OMG I have also bought my own towel and some linen the other day and a food processor. Nesting big time! 🙂
  10. Making raw cookies and truffles before going to bed. Cooking is zen!