Awesome people magnet

Grateful for:

  1. Hosting the first raw food cook off. Learnt 3 new recipes and ate some delicious foods.
  2. Learning how to apply mascara. Apparently, there is more to it then just a swish upwards.
  3. Attending Carnival Of Mysteries an artsie burlesque underground play/circus/show. Getting to know some of the “insider’s” Melbourne finally. It has been… interesting.
  4. Meeting another awesome awesome person. My life is filled with them lately.
  5. Sharing globe trotting stories and “another city I would love to live in…” notes. Great to reflect on my own experiences and hear someone else. Buenos Aires goes on my bucket list!
  6. For the first time in my life seeing a girl in real life I would actually sleep with.
  7. Going to a “top 40” club and actually dancing and having fun. Who knew?..
  8. Following that up with some proper dancing in my Hawthorn ghetto trance club.
  9. Meeting ANOTHER great person that night, wow I truly feel blessed now having met not 1 but 2 different new people. How awesome. I am an awesome people magnet.
  10. Loving my motorcycle – I could not live nowhere near as much of a fun filled life without it, plus the riding itself from one fun event to event is also fun. So its just fun ride – fun event – fun ride – fun event – … lifestyle for me lately, love it.